Beau (1959- )

  Well, who is Beau?

Over the past decade, you have - hopefully - become acquainted with my work in hundreds of issues of men's erotic magazines, such as  Advocate Men, Freshmen, or  Torso? Perhaps it was on familiar book covers, such as  Hardball or  One for the Gods?

In any case, I am a painter, an artist living in Los Angeles.

In my life, though, there is me and there is Beau - a split personality - an alter ego sort of arrangement. Of the two of us, I am certain that Beau is the more interesting and entertaining.

Here is your formal invitation:

Please come with me on a tour - Beau's private tour. There is a lot to show you - some things you haven't seen before, things I have purposely held back... till now.

Beau is always up to no good, but it always takes two - and you'll be the judge of it in:

The World of Beau    

Drawing by Beau

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